Fractal Audio MFC-101
Midi Foot Controller MKIII

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Fractal Audio MFC-101
Midi Foot Controller MKIII 기본 정보
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The MFC-101 MIDI Foot Controller is the perfect foot controller for the Axe-Fx (Std/Ultra/II). It puts powerful remote control capabilities at your feet with the ability to select presets, turn effects on and off, tap tempo, and much more. Connect up to four expression pedals to control effects like wah, volume, whammy and more, and four external switches for even more control options. This rugged, road-ready pedalboard works great to control other MIDI devices as well.

The Mark III is a new revision of the MFC. In comparison to previous models, it has new, quiet "Solid State Switches" and a FASLINK connector which allows you to use an optional XA Adapter to connect to any Axe-Fx II over XLR instead of MIDI/Ethernet. (Availability of the XA Adapter to be announced.) The Mark III still has both MIDI and EtherCON ports and is otherwise has the same functions and features as other MFC-101 versions.