Emerson Custom
Paramount Handwired OD Pedal

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Emerson Custom
Paramount Handwired OD Pedal 기본 정보
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제조사 Emerson Custom
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Emerson Custom Guitars 는 미국 오클라호마에 ( Oklahoma USA ) 공방을둔 핸드메이드 이펙터와 

고품질의 파츠 생산 업체입니다. 특히 NOS ( New Old Stock ) 오일 캐패시터와 최고급 포텐시오메터를 사용한 Pre-wired control assembly 와 투명한 오버드라이브 사운드가 일품인 EM-Drive는 우수한 품질을 인정받아 미국내 많은 뮤지션들과 커스텀 기타 업체의 부품으로 사용되고 있습니다.

Handwired, Handbuilt in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma USA using some of the finest quality materials available.

The Paramount Overdrive is a Medium Gain (Second Stage Overdrive) that stacks very well with almost any pedal. It can be ran at 9-18v (18v for more headroom). The Paramount is an original Emerson circuit that is powerful has plenty of usable gain on tap to fit most any situation. The Paramount's character is refreshingly unique yet sits in the mix very well and has a familiar sound. This pedal is very dynamic and responds well to pick attack and the subtle nuances of the player.

-USA Made Custom Potentiometers (for an excellent taper and feel) 
-Handwired Construction 
-Blue LED 
-Durable Matte Black Powdercoated Finish 
-USA Switchcraft Jacks 
-3PDT True Bypass Footswitch 
-Hand picked and matched parts for ultimate tone. 
-Each & Every Pedal is Handbuilt, wired and tested in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma USA 
-Power: Standard 9-18V volt DC power supply with a negative center 2.1mm barrel, NO internal battery option.